Here is a current version of my background and experience. If you think that I can be of any help please feel free to contact me at the following address:  (there is additional contact information and addresses listed on the EXIT Page of this site.)

I started out in computer graphics about fifteen years ago. Then in 1988 I decided to pursue it professionally and became a Quantel Paintbox artist for video production. Also about this time I dove into high-end desktop computer graphics and publishing with Apple's introduction of the color Macintosh.

I have been working with the Macintosh and other platforms in a freelance capacity since then. Using a number of different software packages including Photoshop, Freehand / Illustrator, Quark, Infini-D, Premiere, After Effects, Director and MANY others. My capabilities now cover a wide range. A partial listing would read: illustration, design / layout, special effects (including: retouching, image manipulation, image compositing, & color correction / colorizing, Internet / WWW graphics including HTML and some Shockwave), animation, 3D modeling / rendering, and prototyping as well as many other techniques and aspects of digital production for print, video, or on screen viewing.

I can work in a variety of styles and I am always looking for work which utilizes and challenges my education, skills, and talents.