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AdFed Paintcan & Twister

This project was for the cover of the Advertising Federation Member Directory and was distributed throughout the state of Florida and the Caribbean. The image was built from the ground up with NO SCANS OR PHOTOGRAPHY INVOLVED. All elements were modeled in 3D and mapped with images created from scratch.
This scene is composed of over 175 individually modeled and assembled parts with over 80 separate texture and surface maps.

Client: American Advertising Federation (4th District)

Pine Crest School

One part of a multiple award winning (12 in all) series of collateral pieces for a fund raising campaign by The Pine Crest School. A campaign targeted to raise 10 million dollars to add a Computer and Technology Lab to the school. This image is the cover from a larger piece that included a brochure and a VHS video tape. The image is a built up montage of photographs depicting various aspects of student life interspersed with symbols of technology.

Client: Gallaspy & Lobel (for: Pine Crest School) Art Director: Diane Harvey

Progressive Rewards 2000

Partially influenced by viewing one of our self promotional pieces the client asked for imagery with a similar feel. This image was used as a brochure cover to inform and entice sales staff with the various incentive rewards depicted on the monitors. This was a budget sensitive project and we were able to recycle a few 3D models and a background plate. With modifications to each re-rendering of the 3D elements combined with additional effects and retouching, we were able to deliver the look and feel of a totally custom illustration for far less cost.

Client: Banyan Group, Inc. (for: Hunter Douglas) Design & Art Direction: Amber Dowling

Surreal Emergency Room

Bactroban is an antibiotic primarily used in emergency rooms. Rarely has advertising been focused specifically on the emergency ward nurses and doctors. The client was looking for a very surrealistic and moody image with this project, requesting a feeling reminiscent of something you might see in an "X-Files" episode. This approach conveys the general look of an emergency room, but upon closer inspection shows many weird and odd things symbolizing the strangeness of the room where anything can happen.

Client: AXIS Design (for: Smith Kline Beecham) Design & Art Direction: Bill Milnazik

Voltarin SR

Produced both as brochure covers and poster graphics this is one of a group of four related images. This project was for CIBA-GEIGY to promote the introduction of a new drug used for arthritis treatment. The client was very pleased with the work and returned the following year for another two image set (this image is from the second set). The majority of this image is built and rendered in 3D with additional effects added by hand in Photoshop.

Client: Creative Services Group (for: CIBA-GEIGY) Art Director: John Tiley

Bonnet House Poster (detail)

The Bonnet House is a local historic site significant for being the first house settled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA). The poster was produced to raise both awareness of and funds for the care of the house and it's property. Playing on words the contracting agency came up with the tag line "Help Conserve the Flavor of a Great Preserve". This lead to the concept of placing the site in a traditional masons jar. The client supplied a 4"x5" transparency of the site and the rest was modeled in 3D or digitally illustrated.

Client: Ensemble 4 Advertising (for: Bonnet House) Art Director: David Bass

Gulfstream Park - Media Guide '96 (cover)

This was the cover of the race track media guide for 1996. The cover depicts two of the hottest horses around at the time "Cigar" and "Thundergulch". Later that year "Cigar" went on to tie the record of most wins in a year. "Thundergulch" off to a good start unfortunately broke his leg.

Client: Gallaspy & Lobel (for: Gulf Stream Park) Art Director: Diane Harvey

Gulfstream Park - Media Guide '97 (cover)

Being very pleased with the look and feel of the previous years cover design, the client returned to the contracting agency who in turn came back to me. This was the cover of the media guide for 1997. The cover depicts the now even HOTTER "Cigar" racing (and winning) his way around the world. etc.

Client: Gallaspy & Lobel (for: Gulf Stream Park) Art Director: Diane Harvey

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