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Giant Climber (Silver Spider Series)

Reflection is a topic I like to explore both visually and mentally. The image of a spider often creeps people out causing a reflex knee jerk reaction to look away. Yet the reflective quality somehow sparks curiosity. The viewer finds themselves caught in a paradox of wanting to look away but interested in further examination. Once drawn into the reflection the viewer gets the chance to examine the detail in the body of this creature. This is one in a series of images depicting this spider and it's clones in a variety of formations, locations and interesting angles.


Tantra refers to the Divine Union of Opposites. Taoists refer to these energies as yin (the active principle, eternity, dark, moon, feminine, negative, left side of the body) and yang (the recumbent principle, history, light, sun, masculine, positive, right side of the body). The word contagion is generally used in a negative context. Peace breeds peace etc... peace begins with each of us... then two of us... then the world... American Heritage lists one definition for contagion as "the tendency to spread, as of a doctrine, influence, or emotional state".



This image is one of the products of an extraordinarily productive weekend. Inspired by the physics principle of light having properties of both a particle and a wave. This image depicts that wave quality in a literal cresting waveform as a high energy beam of light passes between two planes in perspective warping and distorting the space around it as it goes. The piece was created primarily in 2D although reference planes were rendered in 3D and digitally manipulated.

Silent Night

This is one of my personal favorites. This image was done as a donation piece for the Fort Lauderdale Advertising Federation. The AdFed produced a series of holiday cards with images donated by member artists, designers, and photographers. The cards were printed and sold in mixed sets with the proceeds going to benefit various AdFed sponsored programs in local schools and colleges. The piece is a combination of various 3D modeled elements and additional compositing and digital illustration.


Although the image has some abstract suggestion of a biological nature (far from being anatomically correct) it is actually more of a representation of the instance of an individuals creation - the transition between "not being" and "being". Between an energy state and a physical state.


This image is a visual metaphor for instant attraction - the moment of first eye contact. I searched my imagination for a visual way to describe the instant of a connection and this is the result. The concentric rings eminating from each individual represents the energy space given off by them. This is a visual representation of the invisible signals given off - that like homing beacons draw individuals together.


This image visually symbolizes the ethereal transition state between waking and dreaming or other similar semi-conscious or trance like states. It depicts the drawing in of ones spirit, consciousness and imagination into a place of color, energy and unlimited possibilities.

Untitled 03

I'm a long time fan of M.C. Escher and have always had a curiosity in things relating to perspective, perception and the distortion of either or both of them. I often experiment with checkerboard patterns, perspective lines, and grid planes. I am attracted to the sense of depth and distance that they invoke. This is the result of one of these exploration sessions.

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